5 Tips For Hitting The Road With Your Bearded Dragon


As a bearded dragon owner, you already know how hard it is to leave your beardy behind while going on a trip or just a weekend getaway. Even getting them to the vet can sometimes be a hustle. We will present you some tips so you can take your bearded dragon everywhere with you.

1.Bearded Dragon Carrier
One of the most important things is a bearded dragon carrier. You have to make sure that your bearded dragon has a safe place for traveling. The most practical is a bearded dragon carrier which has to be big enough for your beardy and has no places through which your bearded dragon could escape. You can additionally make them more comfortable by placing a soft blanket inside the bearded dragon carrier so they can snuggle.
2.Heating Pads
Heating pads are really a must when traveling with your bearded dragon, especially when traveling in colder months. You place one or more (depend on the size of the pads) in your bearded dragon carrier so your beardy can stay nice and warm. When you notice they start losing heat just replace them.
3. Slowly Introduce Them To The New Environment
It is good for the bearded dragon gets used to the traveling so when you hit the road is not too much stress for them. For starters, you can try putting your beardy in the bearded dragon carrier so it can get used to the filling and space. Try that for a couple of days and for the next step put the bearded dragon in the cars and go for a quick drive so you can see how your bearded dragon is acting.
4.Heat Lamp
When you get to your destination it is good to have a heating lamp for your beardy with you. You can buy a lamp that has both heating and UVB so you only need one with you. You will also need a stand to fix the light on and your beardies favorite branch.
And of course! Don`t forget your bearded dragons favorite food. If you take with you live food, make sure that it is stored safely.

Now you are all set to start your travel with your best friend!
Don`t forget bearded dragon carrier, heating pads, heat lamp, and food.


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